The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali Wooden Altar Kit – Unbox The Auspiciousness

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The masterfully designed and crafted Wooden altar gift box is made out of solid Maple and Walnut woods and has been embellished with colourful illustrations and Swarovski crystals.

This precious art edition book with lots of colourful illustrations contains the original Sanskrit verses, their English transliteration and both the English and Hindi translations, in an articulate manner. A cute metal book mark comes with the book.

Gangajal is the sacred water that has immense power even today to obliterate the sins of the mortals and bestow upon them the relief from the Samsara’s ill effects of bad karma. Sourced from Aungi, Gangotri Valley, Uttarkashi, duly licensed, approved and authorized by various departments of Uttarakhand Government, we bring you this holy water in its purest form packaged in a glass bottle. The Uddharani spoon made of pure copper is specially designed in an antique manner.

In this first of its kind wooden book we present here, the Nirvāṇa-mañjarī of Ādiśaṅkara, for abhyāsa. We believe that the repeated chanting of these verses can lead to the experience of Śivatvam (Śiva consciousness.)

The Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali Altar Kit comes with handmade Orchid incense sticks and a bottle of liquid perfume with the soothing and aromatic fragrance of Orchid, the immaculate blossom of surrender.

Get your name/logo imprinted on the box, along with a personalized message for the one whom you gift.
(Personalised message imprinting for UK and Europe: Please contact us or send us an email)

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(Personalized message imprinting for UK and Europe:
please contact us or send us an email)

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