150W Wet Grinder


150W Wet Grinder: 150W Wet Grinder
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Kent Wet Grinder is a new age, high speed grinder which is very handy, versatile and easy to use.¥Equipped with encased rotating drum, this grinder is very safe to operate. The encasing prevents spillage of food particles and is easy to clean and maintain.¥Low Noise- The outer encasing absorbs the noise created by motor and the grinder make a very minimal noise.¥A single appliance for Wet Grinding of all Kinds of Batter- Dosa, Idli, Vada, Scrapping Coconut & Kneading Atta. A multipurpose device which saves your money and kitchen space.¥Variable Time Settings- You can easily switch and adjust the time of the grinder for different food items.¥Its 150 W high power motor provides up to 960 RPM for high speed operations which is more than sufficient to grind and knead your favorite food items.¥Power Consumption-150W, Speed- 960 RPM.¥1 Year Warranty¥Includes- Kent Wet Grinder, Coconut Scrapper, Atta Kneader ,User manual, Warranty card and Service center details

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