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"Deciding a gift for someone is no easy task. Instead of wondering whether all the time and money spent on a gift is going to be worth it , 4700BC brings you with an option of gifts that everyone ought to like. Gourmet Popcorn from 4700BC with flavors like chocolate drizzle, cheese, or our secret-recipe caramel popcorn is an idle gift for a friend, a colleague, a family member or someone close to your heart. When affordable decadence is a required ingredient, our thank you gifts are overflowing with gourmet popcorn and savory snacks, packed fresh and ready to go."

  • This exclusive festive gift box brings to you our heartcrafted delicious gourmet popcorn, comprising the flavours of Hawaiian Barbeque Cheese, Himalayan Salt Caramel and Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate popcorn.
  • Hawaiian Barbeque Cheese popcorn : Exotic barbeque flavour meets smoky Hawaiian sweetness; Himalayan Salt Caramel popcorn : Heavenly caramel popcorn balanced to perfection with Himalayan salt; Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate popcorn : A perfect amalgamation of dark, milk, and white chocolate balanced with crunchy almonds
  • Packed in an exquisite gift box that contains high quality stylish tins. The tins are extremely durable and can be reused for endless purposes.
  • Certified Non-GMO corn. Cholesterol, Trans-fat, and Gluten free. No MSG. Jumbo Popcorn.
  • We are often asked about the story behind our peculiar name. Well, it is believed that the oldest evidence of popcorn was found in the ancient caves of Peru, nearly 6700 years ago, in 4700BC! Now you know our story.

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