300W Hand Mixer

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300W Hand Mixer: 300W Hand Mixer
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KENT Hand Blender 300W is the one product you need right now for efficient and fast cooking processes¥Its 5 variable speed controls makes mixing and blending at a specific speed very easy for perfect results every time¥With the blenderÕs turbo function, you can get the kitchen chores done quickly¥The powerful 3W copper motor promises excellent performance. Copper is known or its low-resistance and superior conductivity, thus keeps the motor cool during constant use¥With multiple beaters and dough hooks you can easily prepare a variety of recipes within minutes. Just push the eject button and quickly change the attachment¥For safety concerns, the in-built over-heating protection saves the appliance from any damage caused by overheating¥Power: 3 watts; Operating Voltage: 22 - 24 volts¥Includes Kent Hand Blender-3W-1, Beaters-1 Set, Dough Hooks-1 Set, Stand-1, User Manual

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