4-in-1 All things Sustainability Kids Box

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A kit that is designed to educate our amazing future generations on all things sustainability while finding ways to practically become part of the solution!

Using unique, fun and accessible methods to communicate sustainability in direct and indirect ways to stimulate minds in a creative manner - our kit embodies sustainability from its creation, to its components, to the illustrations to the facts within it!

  • Ecotopia [Board Game]  a family board game that is sustainably created while communicating low-waste living to stimulate a child's mind in direct and indirect ways, from being filled with eco-tips, fun facts, and twists!

  • Bare's Zero Waste Playing Cards Deck - a sustainable deck of cards [zero waste edition] combining earth-friendly sustainability tips and tricks with the fun of playing cards!

  • Kids Activity book - A variety of sustainability-themed activities in an environmentally-friendly, zero waste book made out of upcycled and recycled paper (that would usually end up in our landfills!)

  • Colour pencils with seeds - Eco-friendly colour pencils made out of upcycled old waste newspaper while containing seeds that you can sow and give life to a pretty little plant!

Usually we find that educational curriculums and current resources still need to evolve to educate our future generations, while ensuring we are doing it in a fun and accessible manner, while motivating them to understand the value of our environment!

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