64% Single Origin Malabar Forest Dark Couverture Chef's Chocolate Chunks

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Made from bean to chocoalate at our small chocolate factory based out of Jaipur, India, our chef’s chocolate is excellent for baking and recipes that require even melting. These are Pre crystallized chocolate chunks which are perfect for tempering chocolate. It melts evenly and has more fluidity as compared to all our other dark chocolate variants hence; making it perfect for enrobbing pralines and truffles. It has very balanced flavour notes, making it apt for any kind of baking or cooking.
on a side note: It is the best selling chef's chocolate variant on our website.


Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Raw Cane Sugar 

Tasting Notes: 

With light wooded notes it has hints of citrus, caramel and refreshing banana notes- highlighted only with raw cane sugar. Just like wine flavour notes in chocolate are very subjective and all the notes that are mentioned above have been derived by an extensive tasting sessions done by our chocolate makers overtime.

Vegan, GF, Organic

SHELF LIFE: 11 Months

Origin : Malabar Forest, Kerala, India

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