Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones-Anchor

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Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones-Anchor: Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones-Anchor
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Extra Bass - Boult's sound signature has been packed with extra punchy and deep bass with accentuates the warm midst and crytal sparky highs. 40m Transimission Distance.¥Comfort - Unparalleled Comfort and Portable design. With ergonomic design and ultra-soft ear cups, our Bluetooth headphones ensure all-day listening comfort. Enjoy your music on the go¥Active Noise Cancellation - main focus on cancelling out lower frequency sounds like engines, aviation environment, trains, traffic noise etc.¥Voice command - Give instructions to Siri and Google voice command with a simple 2 seconds click on Boult headphone¥Long battery Life - Anchor is a powerhouse. The run time is 30 hours and it has 5 days of standby.

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