Body Perfume Trio Pack of 3 Body Perfumes

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1. Body Perfume | Bleu - 120 ml
2. Body Perfume | Blanc - 120 ml
3. Body Perfume | Rouge - 120 ml

Body Perfume | Bleu - 120 ml: A perfect choice for the fitness freakA sweaty, intense workout at the gym, a morning jog or another round of your favorite sport, you certainly want to avoid an unpleasant body odour! Bleu Woody Tobacco fragrance is a must to match your active lifestyle and keep you fresh and energized.

TOP: Bergamot - Lavender - Mandarin

MIDDLE: Basil - Cardamom - Black pepper

BASE: Ambery - Tobacco - Patchouli -  White musk

Body Perfume | Blanc - 120 ml: A perfect choice for the busy one! Whether it’s a meeting, an interview or just a regular day at work, Blanc Cool Man fragrance is your pick. Wear it every day and you’re all set to take on the world!

TOP: Lemon – Birch leaves – Cardamom

MIDDLE: Lavender – Geranium – Juniper

BOTTOM: Amberwood – Musk – Sandalwood

Body Perfume | Rouge - 120 ml: A perfect choice for the heart-throbYour fragrance creates an impression even before your words do. Rouge Noble Woody fragrance gets you all set for the perfect date night. Go create an enticing lasting impression on her! 

TOP: Bergamot - Lemon - Mint

MIDDLE: Sandalwood - Coriander - Cardamom

BASE: Amberwood - Oud - Patchouli

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