Bosch Hand Tool Kit-66 Pieces


Bosch Hand Tool Kit-66 Pieces: Bosch Hand Tool Kit-66 Pieces
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¥ Compact
¥ Multi-purpose kit
¥ Now take an advance step for household repair work with an apt Bosch tool set
¥ Compact - Sturdy and a long-lasting case helps in assembling all the tools perfectly.
¥ Multi-purpose : A wide variety of tools in the kit enables to complete multiple tasks with ease and perfection
¥ Material: Plastic
¥ Package Contents:1 insulation tape, 1 cutter, 1 wrench, 1 Electroprobe, 1 torch light, 1 hand screwdriver, 1 masonry drill bit, 1 combination plier, 1 measuring tape, 10 pcs of screwdriver bits, 1 Hammer, 8 pcs of Precision bits, 20 Dowel Plugs, 20 Screws

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