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Crafted from fibrous jute, this Jute bottle bags are bio-degradable in nature and incredibly fashionable in its attribute.  These are the finest quality bottle bags that are very capacious and durable for your bottles, and simultaneously provide bamboo handles to hold the bottles comfortably. These jute bags are accessible for one bottle to six bottles, catering space separately for each bottle.  Though it looks very plain, but ensures protective shelter to your favorite bottles while you carry.


This environment-friendly jute bags made to hold bottles carefully is truly very stunning in its appearance. These reusable bags are very functional and can accommodate all your bottles that you want to keep safe. Available in black and natural Jute colored body, these bags are much easier to hold and carry with its two hard roped handles. Supporting the eco-friendly materials, these jute bags are best to carry your bottles with utmost safety.


Out of a range of bottle bags, these bags are one of a kind that you cannot turn down once you get the glimpse of them. These bags look impressive for its beautiful colors and an elegant finishing touch. Available in red, white and black colors, these Jute bottle bags also have a beautiful transparent window in front that enables you gaze at your bottles present inside. And with a hard bamboo handles, you can moreover get a firm grasp of the bags that is holding your bottles inside.

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