Coconut Shell Masala Spoon Set of 6 for Small Containers | Handmade & Eco-friendly | For Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Spices

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Hand washing is best for coconut shell spoons. Avoid dishwashers! This can dry them out. Use warm water & mild soap to wash the spoons and air dry them. Periodically rub with cooking oil to prolong life. Instruction Do not soak in water for too long. Always Hand wash only, No Dishwasher.

Spoons suitable for MASALA, SPICES, COFFEE, TEA, SUGAR, OIL, GHEE etc
Perfectly fits in to SMALL CONTAINERS.
100% Natural Coconut Shell & Coconut Wood. No Polish. Soft edges, easy to hold and use for Serving and cooking measurement.
Easy to Clean and Maintain - Wash with warm water and soap and air dry. Periodically rub with cooking oil to prolong life

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