Cold Pressed Juicer Plus

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Cold Pressed Juicer Plus: Cold Pressed Juicer Plus
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KENT Cold Pressed Juicer+ is an outstanding horizontal juicer that slowly but extracts more juice than the conventional juicers¥It uses low-speed squeezing method so important minerals, vitamins, fibre, and also real taste of fruits and vegetables are not damaged in the process¥Food grade plastic body is safe and convenient to be put for daily use¥It has reverse motor action that clear any pulp blockages for a smooth process¥15W powerful motor effectively juice your fruits, vegetables, and even leafy vegetables¥The cold pressed juicer makes low noise operation¥Warranty: 1 year on product¥Includes: Cold Pressed Juicer+;User Manual;Mixer head;Transparent Cage;Cover;Strainer;Food Pusher;Plastic Food Tray;Juice Container;Pulp Container;

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