Digital Vacuum Flask Black-SMF5

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Digital Vacuum Flask Black-SMF5: Digital Vacuum Flask Black-SMF5
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Made of double-layer vacuum insulated stainless steel, to ensure that the hot & cold temperature of the liquid is maintained up to 6 to 8 hours¥Cap lid equipped with intelligent HD sensors, LED touch screen life up to 70,000 touches without a battery change ¥ Wide mouth tumbler ensuring an easy drink & cleaning feature ¥Strainer which makes it easy for you to carry shakes, tea leaves, etc.¥TEMPERATURE SENSOR: While sitting wherever you are, your cold drink is cool up to 12 hours, and your coffee or tea stays up to 6 hours warm.¥MULTIPURPOSE BOTTLE: Take this easy, when walking, riding, traveling, shopping, or leaving at the bureau, to bring a portable water bottle. The cold, slender thermos bottle of water is built to fit in common automobiles.¥WATERPROOF TOUCH SCREEN: Waterproof LED display that is fully waterproof. Touch the LED display and the liquid temperature appears on the LED display. You don't have to evaluate your mouth's temperature otherwise you risk burning.

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