Digital Weighing Machine for Body Weighing-LLWS27

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Digital Weighing Machine for Body Weighing-LLWS27: Digital Weighing Machine for Body Weighing-LLWS27
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Ergonomic Design: The lifetime weighing scale is designed to bring more style to your home¥Usage: With high precision strain gauge sensor with a capacity of 180kg and denominations up to 100g. Always ignore the first read after initialization. This device is already calibrated for optimum precise use.¥Calibration: Place the scale on a flat surface (not carpet). Put the weight machine on by pressing one foot on top and applying pressure. The LED screen will illuminate a light indicating its position.¥Alerts: The scale is inbuilt with low battery alert and overload indications. The device uses 2XAAA batteries which are provided with the package.¥Tempered Glass: It is made of high quality tempered glass. This type of glass is extremely durable and less prone to breaking.

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