Eau de toilette | noir perfume (100 ml) A seductive and elegant fragrance that holds a woody scent.

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Be the life of the party! Inviting top notes of Lemon, Bergamot and Rosemary with a warm leathery background, the Noir Perfume for Men is definitely one of the most popular ones with a very seductive and elegant fragrance. This Eau De Toilette holds a very woody scent and would instantly freshen you up and get you in the right mood before a party or a get-together. The perfume holds very long-lasting woody notes and impart equal parts of charm and appeal to you throughout the day. With such a magnetic fragrance, the Noir is indeed, the best perfume for men who love the after party as well.

Product Info

  • Weighs 100 ml
  • Natural Scent
  • Attractive phial packing
  • Perfume-base
  • Perfect for every party


This fragrance is nothing but oodles of attitude each time you apply it. It has a very amazing odour on offer, which changes with time. Originally having the manly woody smell, it also has:- 

TOP: Lemon, Bergamot and Rosemary

MIDDLE: Carnation, Cedarwood and Rose

BASE: Vetiver, Sandalwood and Amber

Usage- Use in the evenings/ nights, especially for parties.

Quick tip- Don't rub your wrists together after spraying the perfume as it may kill the notes and alter the fragrance. Instead, spray it on the pulse points and just lightly dab it.

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