Eco friendly Tags that grow (Pack of 24)

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Tags are essential when it comes to gifting. be it a birthday, anniversary, But what happens when its torn. its thrown away. we at BySmita try not to miss out on any opportunity to save paper and do something more out of it. So we started Mission TAGS THAT GROW. tonnes of paper unknowingly is wasted every year to make these gift tags. imagine if all tags grow. we would be living in a more sensible and greener place at the same time.

CONTAINS: 8 tags in a set

HOW TO GROW: 1.Once the paper is of no use do not throw it away. Know that it’s ready to be planted. 2. Take a pot with soil/garden. 3. tear the paper into bitS and plant it. 3. Cover it up with 1/8th soil – water it well. 4. make sure the paper is kept moist and exposed to partial sunlight at the same time. 5. Soon you would see the seeds from the paper sprout and gradually the paper bio-degrades itself. 6. happy growing!

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