Eco Plantable Seed Paper Tag (MOQ 250)

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Plantable seed tags are widely used in labeling the stuffs, packaging of products such as clothing, consumer items and corporate giving. Organization’s commitment towards the environment can be fulfilled when these Plantable Seed paper Tags are used.

Why we need to replace the tags into seed paper tags?

  • Seed Paper Tags are embedded with Wildflower Seeds which has Highest Germination Rate.
  • Seed Paper Tags are made using recycles consumer materials
  • Eco-Friendly environment is achieved with Recycled Paper Seed Tags

How to make seed paper tag?

If you want to stand unique while gifting something valuable to someone, tags made up of seed paper would be an exciting choice. You can read the plantable seed paper making process here. The process is very simple from gathering the old paper to making into a pulp for seeding. After the pulp is dried to make plantable paper, we cut and decorate as per our requirement. This process doesn’t need any special technology or equipment. This textured paper is attached with tag ropes and sealed with organization logo or the tagline to make more precious.

How to instruct the user on how to use it?

Adding instruction on every tag behind the organization detail would be the finest part so that the receiver will come across how to use the tags to grow the plant. Pepaa provides pictorial representation behind the tags to make the user to understand if they look at it for a moment. Decorating the tag when gifting is essential as the tags are the first thing visible when it is received in user’s hand.

Can I get a customized Plantable Seed Paper Tag?

Yes, of course! we are all about providing you with products that match your needs without harming the environment. You can fill up a form and submit it to us. Plantable Seed Paper Tags make a beautiful and meaningful gift.

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