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Sow a seed today to plant an eco-friendly and sustainable environment for tomorrow. Take this step with Pepaa Sprouter Grow Kit. Our impeccably designed Grow Kits are inclusive of beneficial elements like coco peat coins, coir pith pot and organic manure which are absolutely essential and suitable for beautiful flowers to grow.

Cocopeat Coins or Coir Pit is a 100 percent natural growing medium that is produced from coconut  husks. The extraction of coconut fiber from coconut husks produce a substance called coco peat. Cocopeat is an organic and more sustainable alternative to materials like Rock wool that is completely compostable. Along with that, it consists of organic compounds that provide strong, deep-rooted growth to the plants. Coco Peat is an excellent substitute for traditional peat due to its extraordinary benefits. It’s ability to retain more water than normal soil creates an ideal base for crops to grow and also minimizes the growth of fungus and other bacteria. The most exclusive factor about our Grow Kit is- it‘s a completely BIODEGRADABLE product.

So rest assured, when you plant flowers with the Pepaa Sprouter Grow Kit you don’t just add beautiful green colors and good earthy fragrance to your surroundings but also establish a greener and a healthier environment. As every single component of the kit will eventually decompose leading to a reduction in pollution and aiding in lessening the amount of waste.

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