Ecological Bamboo Towel Set (set of 2-Fitness/Hand & Face size)

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Enhance your daily routine experience with our 100% Natural KSAMAH bamboo towel.KSAMAH towel is your perfect travel companion. Our towels give you a clean conscience. Switch to Bamboo today! 

Why Bamboo? The fibers made out of Bamboo have numerous performance and ecological advantages as compared to others. Bamboo is a preferred plant when working towards the green future as it releases 38% oxygen in the air and is the fastest growing plant in the world today. 

  • Premium staple bamboo towel gives the ultimate rich & soft feel.
  • Completely natural and eco –friendly fabric.
  • Bamboo towels absorb and evaporate moisture quicker for faster reuse.
  • Stay safe from allergies and UV radiation.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Odor Resistant.
  • Zero Pesticides, No Fertilizers. 
  • 60 % Bamboo + 40 % cotton.

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