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I bet you didn't know, a collector of refrigerator magnets is called a "Memomagnetist. ... It is derived from the words memorial (Latin for memory) and "Magnetis "(Greek for magnetic).

Classic Magnets predate almost all refrigerator magnets found in the souvenir and advertising industries.

Fridge magnets can last for several years if it is properly used and cared for. Since fridge magnets are permanent magnets, they will only lose less than 10 percent of their magnetism every 100 years.

Magnet Buttons with Smiley Face for home, office, schools etc.
Stick notes, papers, photographs, charts and more.


  • As markers to mark positions on whiteboards.
  • Stick on fridge, white-boards or other iron surfaces.

Size: 3 cm Diameter

Material: Polyurethane and Magnet sheet.

Colour: Multicolour

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