PlayVR Premium 2020 VR Headset

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Design meets performance – New stylish front bezel, super face foam protector, Human design Head strap, Bigger Side Slots are convenient for inserting earphone and charging, Improved mobile holder for easy phone insertion.

Weight: 320g
IPD: Yes
Focal Adjustment: Yes
Headband: Yes
Touch Button: Yes
Platforms supported: Android and iOS
Pupil Distance/Focal: 62/51 mm 
Best view size: 4.7 to 6.69
Maximum field angle: 90 to 110
Compatible Mobile size: 165mm*75mm*12mm
Cushioning material: Artificial leather
In Built Headphone: No
Package Dimensions: 20*11*13.8cm
Product Dimensions: 20*10.5*10cm
Optional: Remote

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