Limited Edition Coffee Brew - Hair Care Gift Kit

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The Ultimate Coffee Care for Hair!

The Limited Edition Coffee Brew - Hair Care Gift Kit is the perfect way to gift ‘Good Hair Days’ everyday! Blending the hair-loving properties of caffeine and coffee with a brilliant range of revolutionary hair care products, this premium gift kit is one of its kind, with a heavenly coffee aroma!

Express care and love, as you indulge in gifting this well-crafted limited edition hair care kit that contains the Coffee Scalp Scrub, Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil and Coffee Shampoo, accompanied by a premium wooden handcrafted wide toothed hair comb and the big brew scoop.

Make extraordinary gifting choices with this pure coffee infused, gender-neutral hair kit!

What makes it a must-have hair care kit?

Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub- 250 gms
Exfoliation | Dandruff Control | Root Stimulation

Enhance your scalp’s care with the Coffee Scalp Scrub. Made from Coffee Powder, Caffeine, and Rosemary, it provides exfoliation, dandruff control and root stimulation to give a clean and healthy scalp.

Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil- 200ml
Hair Strengthening | Boosts Hair Growth | Scalp Nourishment

Revive your hair & scalp with the Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil. A blend of Coffee Oil, Redensyl, Argan Oil, and Caffeine helps in hair strengthening, scalp nourishment & also boosts hair growth.

Naked & Raw Coffee Shampoo- 250 ml
Hair Fall Control | Hair Shaft Nourishment | Deep Cleanse

Deep cleanse your hair with Coffee Shampoo. Made from Coffee Extract, Protein, Argan Oil & Caffeine, it is perfect for hair shaft nourishment & hair fall control.

Handcrafted Wide Toothed Comb
Premium Wood | Detangles Hair | Handcrafted

This wide toothed hair comb is handcrafted with premium wood that detangles hair without causing breakage.

The Big Brew Scoop
Premium Wood | Easy To Clean | Handcrafted

The big brew scoop crafted in premium wood eases the process of scooping out scrub while maintaining the hygiene.

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