Masu Mudra Premium Jute and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat - Earthy Grey

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Our best selling  Masu Mudra mat provides an awesome amount of grip for energetic yoga or pilates sessions. It is made of a layer of natural tree rubber topped with natural jute fabric weaved in a herringbone pattern. Because of the superior grip from the outset, it is ideal for those who enjoy a vigorous practice. At 4 mm thick it provides a good amount of cushioning and comfort but is the firmer mat. This high-performance mat is amazingly durable and will withstand the heaviest of use. 

  • The natural plant latex backing makes the mat anti-skidding and provides a better grip even on wooden floors. 
  • 6.5ft of great length makes Masu Mudra largest available ecofriendly yoga Mat.
  • Ideal for someone looking for grip over cushioning.
  • Masu Mudra is great for all types of mat workout- light yoga, power yoga, Ashtanga, Pilates and other mat workouts.

Features & Materials:

  • 100% Natural & Eco-friendly
  • Kind to your body, Kind to the planet
  • Size: 6.50 ft x 2.25ft
  • Thickness:4mm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Weaving: Herringbone
  • Material: Jute
  • Backing: Anti-skid natural plant latex.

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