Matcha Smoothie Bowl Kit

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Ace your morning breakfast with our everything-you-need smoothie kit! 

Grab your blender, throw in your favourite fruits, add a dollop of matcha cashew butter and some milk. Not a milk person? Replace milk with our matcha-infused almond latte premix. Ideal for those who prefer plant-based milks and naturally sweeter than regular milk. Blend it all, add some crunch with the nut mix and serve it up in the pretty coconut bowl (also in the kit). Enjoy! (or maybe you should gram it first)

Health benefits: The matcha smoothie is loaded with health! Ceremonial grade matcha is a powerful source of energy and the perfect superfood to start your day with. Almonds, cashews and other nuts give you protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals. Fruits add sweetness. Sugar-free, yummy and healthy.


Coconut bowl
Matcha almond milk premix
Matcha cashew butter
Nut mix
Recipe card

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