Monsoon Harvest Gourmet Breakfast Gift Box - Wholesome Breakfast

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Hearty, delicious, and wholesome, a gourmet breakfast box is certainly hard to beat. And this box is full of all the ingredients to give your loved one just that. With delicious Monsoon Harvest products like Dark Chocolate & Orange Peel Muesli, Oat Clusters & Multigrain flakes with Mango and our home-styled Grain Free and Vegan Granola. The Wholesome Breakfast box will make someone’s day second to none.
This box contains
Toasted Millet Muesli Dark Chocolate & Orange Peel - 250g
Clusters & Flakes Breakfast Cereal Oat Clusters & Multigrain Flakes with Mango- 350g
Grain Free & Vegan Granola Salted Peanut Butter- 250g
Gluten Free Rolled Oats- 500g
The gift box is beautifully illustrated and a visual delight. 

Dimensions of this gift box are 37 cm X 27 cm X 11 cm

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