Nature`s Garden of Freshness - Gift Hamper

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Nourish your body with some of the freshest picks from Mother Nature with this exotic box of farm-fruits by Nature's Basket

#Cane Basket Large
#Gift Accessory
#Red Apples
#Pomegranate Red
#Pear Green Imported
#Grapes Imported
#Fuji Apple
#Plums Imported
#Granny Smith Apple
#Kiwi Green Imported
#Thai Guavas
#Grape Fruit Imported
#Mini Orange
#Dragon Fruit


The manufacture may change the MRP, promotion and the size from time to time, which may not reflect in the above picture. The basket / container and styling/ bow is subject to change depending on the availability and may change subject to availability of stocks. The image is indicative and brands inside the hamper may change subject to availability. NATURE’S BASKET will reflect the up-to-date pricing on the website and will not be responsible for these changes. The above picture provides our consumers with an overview of the product.

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