NoiseFit Smartwatch

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Style: NoiseFit Active-Robust Black
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The only inevitability of time is evolution. Paving the way for future technology and wearables, the Noise Fit is the latest offering in the chronology of natural selection. Complete with a bold, stylish design and a sleek, round finish, witness the power of superior ‘evolution’.

Its 1.2 inch bold AMOLED display can withstand the glares of the sun, making it easy to read texts in direct sunlight. 5 watch faces to wear as per your mood - pair it with 3 unique matching straps, to personalize your choice.

Track your Oxygen Level:

Your blood oxygen level says a lot about your health. Low oxygen level can indicate an underlining health concern. With blood oxygen monitor, track the oxygen absorbed by your body and make changes to keep it at optimum level. 

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