Plantable Seed Paper A4 Size (Pack of 5)

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Sheets of A4 plantable seed paper from Plantcil are embedded with wildflower seeds and ready for a variety of uses. This size is perfect for printing and you can find some helpful information about printing on seed paper here. Sheets of A4 plantable seed paper are also great for creating your own invitations, favors and greeting cards. You can also apply rubber stamping, painting and handwriting to the paper.

Every year, millions of trees have to be cut down to provide us with paper. Sure, the paper is important and irreplaceable. But at what cost? Leaving the planet barren can’t be the only way to meet our needs. So, we introduce to you, our A4 sized plantable seed paper.

Our world has been digitized. We don’t need a pen and paper for writing down every single thing anymore. However, it’s still needed where it’s needed but we also need to save trees in order to survive. We can’t be providing little kids with electronic gadgets to learn the basics. They won’t ever be able to write for real that way. So, replacing your regular paper with electronics might not be the most perfect idea.

With our A4 sized plantable seed paper, you can save yourself from the remorse of contributing to deforestation. It is made from paper and textile wastes. It has been recycled. So, it is organic biodegradable and handmade! It means no harm. The most striking characteristic of our A4 sized plantable seed paper is that if you plant it in soil, it will grow up to be a plant or even a tree. Does it get any better than this? It actually does, when you stop dreaming about reducing the pollution. It gets better when you actually do something about it. You can start by switching to eco-friendly plantable seed paper. 

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