Premium Tree free Handmade Cotton Rag Paper, Pack of 24 – A4 Size – Assorted

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  • 12  colors that include natural reds, pinks, greens, greys, mauve,  peach, blacks, blues and white
  • 2 of each colour
  • 100% handmade cotton paper and tree-free paper.
  • Eco friendly paper. Gsm 150-220
  • Colours ranging from dark to light, No dyes added.
  • The papers are made from cotton rags. The paper is handmade and upcycled from cotton rags from textile factories. The water is recycled back into production.
  • The paper is cut into A4 size (11.5″ x 8″ (L x W)).
  • 100% sustainable paper.
  • Save trees. 
  • No dyes are added. The colour is from that of the cotton rags from textile industries
  • This paper is perfect for calligraphy, invitations, card making, screen printing, stationery, art and craft.


  • 100% recycled, upcycled and sustainable.
  • Natural textured paper
  • From 150 to 200 GSM
  • Pack of 24 sheets
  • Size – A4. Two of each colour

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