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This promotional Jute bag with light and dark complementary colors is ideal to bear your brand name and identity. It has cool and trendy graphics made on its body with a corporate note that helps identify your business name. Approximately, it has 40cm height, 39cm width and 12cm depth. And the light hue of green pigment along the edge with the tough roped handle ensures high grandeur to the product.


This eco-friendly Jute bag reflects the blending of bottle green and white colors with an adorable pink floral design in between. It is an item of grace and sophistication, and kids would love it most for its sweet unique features. You can use it as regular product, or use it as a promotional tool for your business. It is 26cm in height, 21cm in width and 10cm in depth. Though it is small, but it is trendy and fashionable in its features.


This promotional bag symbolizes the original color of jute with the contrast of eco-friendly green shade. Made from Jute fiber, it has a recycle emblem printed on its body, which is a message for the users to go for biodegradable products. Though it has common features like other jute bags, but its design and unique finish make the product extraordinary, and easy to carry and take in any place. It is moreover very spacious with 34.5cm height, 33cm width and 15cm depth.

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