Promotional Jute bags (Design)

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Color: Tribal
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Grey Jute Bag

This Jute made eco-bag is black and grey in color with two robust handles to hold. It has no graphical design made on the bag’s body, which makes a room to display your business identity exclusively. This item is 31 cm in height, 40 cm in width and 18 cm in depth. One can take this bag anywhere they want to and put all the belonging into it safely.


This handbag made from natural jute fiber gives the glimpse of the beautiful tribal design, showcasing animals and village workers. It is 34.5 cm in height, 54 cm in width and 24 cm in depth, which makes enough space to keep your essential things inside. Its beauty lies in its tribal design made on the body along with the roped handles, which altogether gives the bag a unique class and culture. Whether you want to use it as a grocery bag or handbag, this item will give your personality a classy look.


This Jute bag is outstanding in its appearance with white and blue color. It has a skillfully marked carbon footprint made on its body that awakes you of using eco-friendly products. This bag is 15cm in height, 15cm in width and 14 cm in depth, thus making this product light weight and easy to carry. It has a captivating look that will add up with the business name. This is the best bag you can take for your brand promotion.

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