The Leather Craft - Leather Valet Tray (Set of 4)

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✔ This Valet Tray is ideal for storing small belongings such as jewellery, keys and more

✔ It is ideal to put on the bedside for convenience and suitable in the living room too

✔ The tray can be unfolded into a flat shape for easy cleaning.

✔ Material: PU Leather

✔ Unfolded Size: about 15 x 25 cm

✔ Folded Size: about 18 x 18 x 3 cm

✔ Package Contents: 4 x Valet Tray

Keep your valuables within an arm’s reach when you’re in bed with this Valet Tray. It is convenient and durable. People own many valuables that are small in sizes such as jewellery and keys.

A valet tray is basically an open box where you can store your things conveniently. It is ideal to place on your bedside so that you can easily reach for it whenever you need to. No need to get out of bed just to get what you need.

The importance of having a valet tray is that it lessens the risk that you might lose your stuff. Especially since they are small, it would likely be hard to find them once they get lost. To prevent that from happening, make sure to have a valet tray that you can access easily.

Lets's Declutter your work station with a handy valet tray. This multipurpose product can fit all of your stray items on the desk including pens, clips, and more. Made from vegan leather, this uniquely designed utility item is available in a variety of tanned shades for you to match it with your personal decor.

What makes this unique from other trays is that you can open it fully. On the corners of the tray, there is a knob that you can use to fold and unfold the valet tray without hassle. The advantage of this is that you can clean it easily. Trays that have a fixed shape have crevices that dust and dirt can accumulate in. It can be hard to remove those manually but when you open it and lay it flat, it would be much easier to do so. Also, there are many colours for you to choose from depending on your preference. Another advantage that comes with being able to lay it flat is that you can store it conveniently when not in use.

Also, this tray is of leather material so it is waterproof on the outside. This is a great advantage than fabric trays because those can absorb liquid quickly. Also, leather material prevents stains from sticking to the box itself. Leather also allows the valet tray to have a fixed structure so it is sturdy but not to the point that it is brittle or too hard.

This product is handmade and each piece is unique! Due to the differences in displays of computers/laptops/phones, the colours on the product you receive may vary marginally from the colours seen on our website.

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