O Health-on-a-High Gift Box

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O Health-on-a-High Gift Box: O Health-on-a-High Gift Box
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A true royalty with league-apart taste, ingredients, and premiums, this gift box is the epitome of what royalties love, a.k.a you would love. This one is for someone who's the dearest of all.

Includes: 1 x Solid Soyabean- Protein-Rich jar (160g), 1 x Flax Seeds jar (160g), 1 x Millets and Chana jar (55g), 1 x Nutty Mix- with Dry-Fruits jar (120g)

All snacks are made using Rajasthan's Roasting process - wherein food in cooked in salt OIL-FREE. Seasoned in homemade masala, the snacks are all natural, super delicious and healthy, for care-free bingeing.

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