Turmeric Tea Tales - 6 Turmeric Teas Gift Set


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Vahdam Teas brings to you Turmeric Tea Tales Gift Set which is a combination of turmeric based teas. The set consists of Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea Tisane, Turmeric Moringa Herbal Tea Tisane, Turmeric Ashwagandha Herbal Tea Tisane, Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea, Turmeric Saffron Herbal Tea Tisane, Turmeric Fennel Herbal Tea Tisane. These teas are a combination of delicious flavour and numerous health benefits. These teas are certified 100% pure Indian tea by the Tea board of India.


- Certified 100% pure Indian tea by Tea board of India

- Set includes a blend of six turmeric based flavours

- The teas are stored in elegant jars

- Can be used as a gift

- Refresh your mind and rejuvenate your senses

- Rich flavour

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