Cosco Aero 777 Nylon Shuttle cock Pack of 6 Pcs


Cosco Aero 777 Nylon Shuttle cock Pack of 6 Pcs: Cosco Aero 777 Nylon Shuttle cock Pack of 6 Pcs
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Cosco AERO No. 777 Nylon Shuttle cock (yellow) nylon base. Set of 6 Cock.
his is high durable Nylon cocks set of 6 Cocks. It is more reliable than feather cock. Cosco is very renowned brand for sport material. Cosco AERO 777 - Designed for everyday use, the Cosco Aero-777 Plastic Shuttle is crafted exceptionally to offer high durability and to make your matches worthwhile. Nylon Skirt: The nylon skirt provides greater aerodynamic stability and predictability in flight trajectory. Base of Cork: The Aero-777 shuttlecock has a base of cork that provides equal weight distribution and allows you to make accurate and impactful shots. Durable Material: The plastic material used in its manufacture makes the shuttlecock durable and it provides a consistent experience for every match.
Pro level grade
Taiwan base
Best Suited for pro Matches

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