Zeno - Memory Foam & HR Foam Wedge Pillow - Small Size - Round - Medium Firm

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Contoured wedge pillow with a functional design and the double goodness of HR foam & memory foam for responsive support.

Add oodles of comfort to your daily activities.
Place the round wedge pillow in any position as you rest, read, sleep, work or watch TV, to get maximum support and relief. 

Contoured design to complement human anatomy.
Scientifically designed to conform to natural contours, the wedge provides added support and promotes better body posture.

Antiallergenic outer cover that keeps the wedge safe from bacteria, mites, and bugs.
Ultra-hygienic and uber cool, the round wedge comes with a removable and washable hypoallergenic outer cover that keeps your skin safe from rashes and irritants.

Crafted with care and eco-friendly material.
We care for you as well as the environment we live in. That’s why we ensure that all our products are created using environmental-friendly materials and processes.

One-click buying. No-fuss returns.
This round wedge comes with a 30 nights trial offer with a no-questions-asked return policy during the trial period. 

Size & Dimensions
(L) 17” X (W) 14.8” X (H) 7”

Construction & Materials:
High-density memory foam with high resilience (HR) foam encased in an aesthetically appealing outer cover.

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